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Settling an estate after a loved one passes requires proof of death. This proof of death comes in the form of an Alabama Death Record (sometimes called registers) and includes the name of the deceased, the time and place of death and the attending physician. In some cases it also includes the place of burial, which is especially helpful for those doing genealogy research.

Alabama death records became a law in 1908. Prior to that year, some records were recorded at the County level rather than the State level. The State of Alabama has microfilmed many of these earlier records which can back as far as 1880.

Alabama death records do not become public records until after twenty five years of the death. Before that time period is up, the only ones who can have access to the record on file is the parent of the named, the spouse of the named, a child or grandchild of the named or a legal representative of the named. Once a record becomes open to the public, anybody can obtain it for a small fee.