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The State of Maryland houses their recent vital statistics records under the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, with the Vital Statistics Administration. They do not view the current records as public information for at least the last ten years, and therefore require you meet qualifications before applying for a certificate of death. The State requires that you be a surviving relative of the deceased, a funeral director who was in charge of the deceased’s final disposition, a court of law, an authorized representative of a surviving relative, such as a legal representation, or an individual who has a legal need and the ability to prove it.

For older Maryland death records, you can contact the Maryland state archives. Maryland has records dating back to 1898, for all counties except Baltimore City, which they date records back to 1875. Baltimore city death records can be found with the Maryland state Archives in a mix of microfilm, electronic, and paper forms. The law was only partially followed until 1914 and some records may be incomplete.

However, the records date much further back, all the way to 1654. Only a few of the records and registers that were historically kept are available today but some are, and they can be found in a mix of paper records and microfilm records, information on these can be found through the Maryland state archives. The state archives offer a wealth of information regarding death records dating back some to even colonial times. As well as information, regarding the laws enacted over time to ensure the quality of death records kept.