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Fulton County, GA Public Records

Superior Court - Civil
136 Pryor St SW, Rm C-155
Superior Court Clerk
Atlanta, GA 30303
Hours: 8:30AM-5PM EST
P: 404-613-5313
F: n/a
Jurisdiction: Civil
Restricted Records: No juvenile, adoption, sexual, mental health, sealed or expunged records released
Phone for the Closed File Rm- 404-730-6872.
Superior Court - Criminal
136 Pryor St SW, Rm 106
Atlanta, GA 30303
Hours: 8:30AM-5PM EST
P: 404-613-5313 info; 404-612-6872 rec
F: n/a
No credit cards accepted.
Jurisdiction: Felony, Misdemeanor, Eviction
Restricted Records: No sealed or expunged records released
Closed files- 404-612-8430, 404-612-5375.
State Court
TG100 Justice Center Bldg
185 Central Ave SW
Atlanta, GA 30303
Hours: 8:30AM-5PM EST
P: 404-730-5002
F: 404-730-8141
Visa/MC accepted at cashier office
Jurisdiction: Misdemeanor, Civil, Small Claims, Traffic
Restricted Records: No juvenile, adoption, sexual, mental health or expunged records released
For online case docket info from present back 365 days, search at New State Court Case Numbers at website, then use case number at the separate 'online access to court records' tab, but this is not always functional.
Magistrate Court
185 Central Ave SW, TG-700
Justice Ctr Tower
Atlanta, GA 30303
Hours: 8:30AM-5PM EST
P: 404-613-5045
F: 404-332-0352
Jurisdiction: Civil Actions under $15,000, Eviction, Small Claims, Criminal Preliminaries
Court also has jurisdiction for bad checks, arrest warrants, and county ordinance violations. The criminal warrants division (does no record checks) is located at 160 Prior St SW, J-135, phone above.
Probate Court
136 Pryor St, # 230
Atlanta, GA 30303
Hours: 8:30AM-4:45PM EST
P: 404-612-4693
F: 404-893-6576
Jurisdiction: Probate

Fulton County, GA Vital Records

Contact the Fulton County Office of the County Superior Court Clerk if you would like to find vital records, such as birth, death, marriage, divorce, and real estate records.

Fulton County
County Superior Court Clerk
136 Pryor St, SW
Atlanta, GA 30303
8:30AM-5PM EST
Phone: 404-613-5286
Fax: n/a
Recorded Documents

Official Fulton County Vital Certificates

Fulton County Vital Certificates

If you would like to obtain a hard copy of a birth, death, marriage, divorce, or other vital record, you can do so by searching for and requesting a vital certificate. Vital certificates are official hard copy documents, the same as those used by the United States government.

Get a vital certificate.

Fulton County Information

Fulton County is the most populous county in Georgia because it is home to one of the most popular cities in the United States, Atlanta. Atlanta is both the county seat of Fulton County and the state capital of Georgia. The county is named after Robert Fulton, inventor of the steamboat. Visitors can still experience steamboats and other outdoor adventures such as biking, white water rafting, hiking, and camping along the Chattahoochee River. With over one million residents, Fulton County is an eclectic and diverse county with world class dining, entertainment, theatre, sports and other recreation opportunities to meet the needs of visitors and locals alike. Some of the most notable fixtures in Fulton County provide extensive tours including the CNN Worldwide Headquarters' CNN Studio Tour, Coca-Cola Headquarters' World of Coca-Cola Tour, and the Atlanta Braves' Museum and Hall of Fame.

For a more hands-on Fulton County experience, there are many museums, theatres, and zoos to choose from. Fulton County is home to the Imagine It! The Children's Museum of Atlanta, Fernbank Museum of Natural History, High Museum of Art, Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site, and the Margaret Mitchell House and Museum, among many other museums. The Atlanta Botanical Gardens has over 30 acres of gardens and wildflower trails including The Canopy Walk, a 40-foot high suspension bridge trail. Fulton County is home to the world's largest aquarium, The Georgia Aquarium and Zoo Atlanta which houses one of North America's largest captive populations of gorillas. The Yellow River Game Ranch and Kangaroo Conservation Center has the most kangaroos outside of Australia. If your hands-on experience is more about shopping bags and nightlife, Fulton County has that, too. The most unique is Underground Atlanta which is six city blocks transformed into a subterranean marketplace offering guided historic tours, festivals, and over 100 specialty shops. It would take many trips to Fulton County to experience all that it has to offer.

Fulton County Population Records

Total Land Area (2000): 528.66 sq mi
Population (2009): 1,033,756
  • Females: 50.7%
  • White: 50.6%
  • Black/African American: 43.1%
  • Asian: 4.4%
  • Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: 0.1%
  • Hispanic or Latino Origin: 8.7%
  • White, Not Hispanic: 42.9%
Population Change (2000-2009): 217,929
Foreign-Born Population (2000): 9.6%
Language other than English spoken at home (2000): 13.3%
Persons Below Poverty Level (2008): 14.9%
High School Graduates (2000): 84.0%
Bachelor’s Degree or Higher (2000): 41.4%
Persons per Household (2000): 2.44
Housing Units (2000): 348,632
Homeownership Rate (2000): 52.0%
Migration Flow to Fulton County, GA from (2007-2008):

Fulton County Records

Total Earnings by Industry, in thou. dol. (2007):
  • Total: $69,071,759
  • Construction: $2,334,618
  • Retail Trade: $2,455,574
  • Professional and Technical Services: $11,046,206
  • Healthcare: $4,194,838
  • Banking: $7,811,706
  • Retail Trade: $2,455,574
  • Accommodations and Food Services: $2,125,416
  • Manufacturing: $3,762,151
  • Farms: $1,041
  • Government: $7,342,542
Employed (2000): 392,627
Unemployed (2000): 38,245
Unemployment Rate (2009): 9.8%
Annual Payroll per Employee (2007): $54,215
Local Government Employment (2007): 51,445
Local Government Revenue (2007): $4,499,652 (thou. dol.)
Local Government Debt (2007): $10,755,463 (thou. dol.)

Fulton County Birth, Death Records

Births (2007): 14,839
  • Per 1,000 population: 15.0
Deaths (2007): 5,851
  • Per 1,000 population: 5.9
Infant Deaths (2007): 119
  • Per 1,000 population: 8.0

Fulton County Criminal Records

Violent Crimes (2008): 9,855
  • Murder and non-negligent manslaughter: 132
  • Forcible rape: 254
  • Robbery: 4,530
  • Aggravated Assault: 4,939
Property Crimes (2008): 62,924
  • Burglary: 16,335
  • Larceny-Theft: 37,425
  • Motor Vehicle Theft: 9,164

Fulton County Genealogy Records

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