Connecticut Public Records

Finding Information on People in Connecticut Public Records

The state of Connecticut has its own laws regarding the creation of public records. Within these Connecticut public records you can find a great deal of information on the people that live and/or were born in the state, provided that information was collected by the government. Some examples of the people information you can find in Connecticut public records includes:

  • Marriage Certificates - You can find out fairly easily when someone received a marriage license in the state of Connecticut, as well as divorce records.
  • Government Collected Data - Information on home ownership and addresses are considered a matter of public interest, so they are included in Connecticut public records.
  • Criminal Histories - Most - although not all - criminal histories are included in Connecticut public records as well. You may need to fill out a special request, but generally criminal histories are considered public data.
  • Of course you will not find all personal information included in these records. In some cases you may find that data is excluded, such as social security numbers. That type of data is considered private, because it can be misused and contain information that is not of general public interest. Still, there is quite a bit of information included in these records if you are trying to find out information on the people in the area.

    Connecticut Birth Records

    Connecticut birth records are open to the general public if they are more than one hundred years old, which makes it easy to obtain information for genealogy reasons. If you are looking for a birth record in the State of Connecticut that is more current, the information is limited to those that have a legal reason to request such a document.To obtain a copy of a Connecticut Birth Record, you must visit the town in which the event occurred. These record offices can offer same day service, so this is the route to take for those that require a certified birth record quickly. Another option is to send in a mail request, but if you choose this route, expect a long wait. Currently the turn around time for Connecticut birth records that are requested by mail is six weeks.

    In some cases, you can use an outside source to obtain a Connecticut Birth Record over the Internet. The turnaround time for this way is generally in five to seven business days.

    Connecticut Death Records

    The State of Connecticut offers two ways to obtain death records; through the town where the event took place, or through the State Vital Records office. You will receive faster service if you obtain a Connecticut death record through a town office; currently the turnaround time on the State side is six weeks.

    Connecticut death records are available from July of 1897 to today. For death records before 1897, contact the town where the death took place; some towns have death records that date back much further then that year.

    Additionally, Connecticut State Library History and Genealogy Unit (CSLHGU) has a searchable database for pre 1897 death records. Many of these early Connecticut death records are microfilmed.

    For those interested in their Connecticut ancestors the CSLHGU is a great place to find Connecticut death records that over one hundred years old.

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