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Public Record Update
January, 2010

New Online Site for Searching Delaware Trade, Business, and Fictitious Names

Delaware requires the registration of Trade, Business and Fictitious Names for persons, firms or associations engaging in or transacting any business within the state. These registrations are filed in the Office of the Prothonotary for each county where business is transacted. The Delaware State Courts recently unveiled a new searchable web page to view these registrations. Go to



Please note that the DE Secretary of State offers a free site to view business information as well. Check an entity name for corporate status, file number, incorporation/formation date, registered agent name, address, phone number and residency at


Also, the DE Department of Finance provides a free search of business licenses at

New Motor Vehicle Services in New Mexico

The New Mexico DMV recently contracted with New Mexico Interactive to provide all electronic media requests of driving record histories and vehicle records. Records are available to subscribers who meet federal and state standards (DPPA). For vehicle records, one record showing registration, lien, and title information is generated.  The VIN or plate number must be submitted - a name search is not available.

The annual subscription fee is $75.00 for up to 10 users. Monthly billing is provided. The fee for either a driving record or vehicle record is $4.95. A non-hit result incurs a fee. Both single inquiry and batch modes are available for driving records.


For vehicle records, one record showing registration, lien, and title information is generated.  The VIN or plate number must be submitted - a name search is not available. 


Also, New Mexico Interactive provides a driver monitoring program for a subscribers that wish to monitor driving records for violations and suspensions. The program works on a monthly basis. The user supplies a driver list for a fee of $.12 per driver for each month checked (the check can go back in time). If there is activity, the system automatically generates a driving record for the $4.95 fee. Activity includes moving violations and withdrawal actions. The program is available for DDPA permissible use clients including employers and insurance companies. Also, sometime during the first quarter of 2010 New Mexico Interactive will launch a Youthful Driver Check that operates on a similar basis.


For more information call New Mexico Interactive at 877-660-3468 or visit the Online Services section at


Delaware Consolidates Two JP Courts

In late December 2009, two New Castle County Justice of the Peace Court locations closed and consolidated operations into a new facility. Court #15, which was located in Claymont, officially closed. Court #11 which was located at 61 Christina Road in New Castle moved into the new Consolidated Court #11 location at 2 Penns Way #100, also in New Castle.
Effective December 23, 2009, all DUI matters and Hispanic arraignments for New Castle County are to be held at this new Court #11 location.

West Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles Moves

The West Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles recently moved into 5707 MacCorkle Ave SE, Ste 200 Charleston  25317. Also new mailing addresses were established of driving record and vehicle records matters.


For driving record matters use Compulsory Insurance Section, Driving Records, PO Box 17020 Charleston  25317, 304-558-4444. For vehicle record matters use Vehicle Records, Box 17150, Charleston  25317, 304-558-0282.


Washington State Driver Records

The state of Washington recently launched a new online service that permits a driver to request his/her own record at Requesters can view and print a PDF copy of the record. There is a $10.00 fee and use of a credit card is required. The driver's SSN must be on file.

Note that Washington offers a free online inquiry called Driver Status Display. The user may verify if a person has a valid WA DL, CDL, ID Card, Motorcycle Endorsement or Permit. All responses are in a yes or no format, no personal information is provided.  Visit

New PRRN Look-up Feature Warns of Shortcomings at Certain Online Record Access Sites

The Public Record Retriever Network (PRRN) has long been a resource to find a reputable, local onsite researcher of public records.  A new feature has been added when a county, parish, or city is chosen to find a researcher at or A warning now shows on the screen if

a government online system from that jurisdiction does not display the same results compared to searching at the local courthouse. While most government search sites provide a degree of value, too often these government online resources provide inadequate or incomplete records.  This is because the online search is simply not displaying the same content as shown when using the facilities at the local courthouse.


Some of the typical shortcomings noted for the online search of court records include missing cases, incorrect/missing IDs, wrong charge codes, missing dispositions, lack of sentence details, and missing probation updates/violations. The date range of online records online is often much shorter compared to searching in-person.


These same shortcomings are consistent for recorded documents as well. For example, at some recorder search sites the domestic relations judgments/court papers may not be viewable, older records are missing, identifiers lacking, and records posted online lag weeks behind.

To view an example, using one of the web sites mentioned above, view a county from Minnesota.


These government online sites do provide a supplemental search service. Unfortunately, many business entities are using these supplemental online resources as the sole search in that locale - even when a high degree of due diligence is required. And this is in spite of the warnings and disclaimers shown at these sites.


At this time, over 15% of U.S. counties are noted for shortcomings, and the list is growing.


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