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District of Columbia Public Records

District of Columbia Public Records

What is Excluded From Washington D.C. Public Records?

The capital of the United States must also create their own public records. These records need to contain all of the information considered of interest to the public, and are designed to make sure that the government does not try to keep secrets from the citizens of the country.

Yet not everything is included within Washington D.C. public records. Some examples of excluded records include:

  • Medical Histories - It's against the law to disclose the medical histories of anyone living or working inside of Washington D.C. medical histories are considered private, and not of interest to the public no matter who the individual is.
  • Social Security Numbers, et al. - Any personal information that can easily be abused is not contained within Washington D. C. public records. This includes things like social security numbers, credit card numbers, etc.
  • Ongoing Investigation Information - Any information that pertains to an ongoing criminal investigation may be excluded as well, on the grounds that releasing that information may violate law enforcement's ability to do their jobs. Criminal histories, however, are usually included in public record.
  • Washington D.C. public records are a fairly substantial grouping of information. If you need to request these records, you can contact the government offices or visit a data aggregate site that has collected the information for you online.