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Hawaii Public Records

Hawaii Public Records

Introduction to Hawaii Public Records

Hawaii public records are governed by the Hawaii Uniform Information Practices Act. Although Hawaii was rated as one of the most open state governments when it comes to public records, it also has some of the most vague language.

For example, when it comes to individual privacy in Hawaii public records, Hawaii has very few specific stipulations. It simply says that if the privacy of the individual is violated, the record is not to be released. Most states have a list of exclusions based on personal privacy. Hawaii keeps its data vague. Hawaii also gives the Office of Information Practices more judgment over the ability of this information to be waived if they do not believe it serves public interest. Most states don't allow a specific office to make that type of judgment.

Hawaii also has one of the longer response times. Hawaii law allows for as much as 10 days before the government has to provide the records. Many other states require less than a week. Still, despite these differences, Hawaii is still very open with their records. The Hawaii public records may be viewed by any person and for any reason, without the individual expressing why the data is requested or what it will be used for.

Hawaii Birth Records

Hawaii birth records can be obtained through the State’s Vital Records website. Hawaii is a closed birth record State, meaning that only the person named on the record, the parent or a court appointed legal representative may request a certified copy. Currently, the time frame of delivery is over thirty days, so if you need a Hawaii birth record quicker, it is wise to visit in person.For those interested in obtaining a Hawaii birth record for genealogy purposes, the process can take a bit longer as it is not considered an urgent request. Hawaii birth records online allow you to request a birth record for as far back as July 1909. For Hawaii birth records prior to 1909, the request must be made through postal mail or in person. `

Hawaii Death Records

Hawaii death records are filed with the Department of Health in Hawaii, under their Health Status Monitoring Department. It is unclear when Hawaii starting recording deaths – research shows that it was likely not until the 1940’s, however, there are some older documents available as far back as 1862, before it was even part of the United States. These older records will likely be found on the County side where the death took place rather than on the State side.

Hawaii is a ‘closed record’ State, which means that a death record is not considered public information until seventy five years after the event took place. In order to receive a Hawaii death record, you must be an immediate family member: parent, child, grandchild or sibling, or a legal representative of the named.

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