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Sacramento County, CA Public Records

Sacramento Division - Superior Court
720 9th St, #102/#101
Gordon D Schaber Sacramento County Courthouse
Sacramento, CA 95814
Hours: 8:30AM-12:30PM; 1:30PM-4:00PM PST
F: 916-874-5620
Jurisdiction: Felony, Misdemeanor, Civil, Small Claims, Eviction, Probate, Family, Juvenile, Traffic, Ordinances
Restricted Records: No adoption, juvenile, medical, probation or sealed records released
Galt, Elk Grove, and Walnut Grove branches are closed; this court now holds their Misd. records. Criminal Court may also be held at the Lorenzo Patino Hall of Justice (County Jail Building), 651 I Street - 916-874-6936.
Carol Miller Justice Center
301 Bicentennial Circle
Carol Miller Justice Ctr
Sacramento, CA 95826
Hours: 8AM-4PM PST
P: 916-875-7746
Jurisdiction: Small Claims, Evictions, Traffic
Access court records back to 1993 at Fees charged. The phone numner for Traffic is 916-875-7800.
Walnut Grove Branch - Superior Court (Closed)
This court was closed, records are now at the Superior Court in Sacramento.
South Sacramento Superior Court - Elk Grove Branch (Closed)
This court has been closed. All records are located at the Superior Court in Sacramento.
Family Relations Courthouse
3341 Power Inn Rd
William R Ridgeway Family Relations Courthouse
Sacramento, CA 95826
Hours: 8:30AM-4PM PST
P: 916-875-3400
Jurisdiction: Probate, Family, Juvenile
Access court records back to 1993 at Fees imposed. If a file is stored offsite, go to
Galt Division - Superior Court (Closed)
This court closed as of 03/03. Misdemeanor records and files are housed at the Sacramento Superior Court. Traffic records were sent to the Carol Miller Justice Center, 916-875-7354/7800.

Sacramento County, CA Vital Records

Contact the Sacramento County Office of the County Clerk/Recorder if you would like to find vital records, such as birth, death, marriage, divorce, and real estate records.

Sacramento County
County Clerk/Recorder
600 8th St
Sacramento, CA 95814
8AM-5PM (recording 8AM-3PM) PST
Phone: 916-874-6334, 800-313-7133
Fax: 916-874-8012
Recorded Documents, Fictitious Names

Sacramento County Vital Certificates

Sacramento County Vital Certificates

If you would like to obtain a hard copy of a birth, death, marriage, divorce, or other vital record, you can do so by searching for and requesting a vital certificate. Vital certificates are hard copy documents, the same as those used by the United States government.

Get a vital certificate.

Sacramento County Information

Located in the California Central Valley, Sacramento County is one of unique beauty. From the lowlands of the Sacramento River to the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the county is ideal for people who enjoy nature and the outdoors. As one of the state's original counties, it began more as a supply area, giving pioneers and gold miners what they needed to survive in the new territory. Over the last two centuries, however, the area has blossomed into a modern and sophisticated locale that still manages to have a comfortable, laid-back atmosphere.

The City of Sacramento, as the county seat, is a popular location for both residents and visitors. Nicknamed "The City of Trees," Sacramento is home to numerous parks and green spaces and is well known for providing ample opportunity for people to enjoy nature. The American River flows through the city, and here you'll find people swimming, sunbathing, boating, fishing, even whitewater rafting. Other popular activities include mountain biking and hiking in the scenic nearby hills. The Stone Lakes National Wildlife Refuge, located south of the city, is great for bird watchers and gets thousands of visitors each year. There are lots of "non-outdoor" activities for people to enjoy as well in Sacramento County. History buffs will enjoy Old Sacramento, which has several museums and historic places documenting the experiences of the area's early settlers. Finally, like all urban areas, the city also has a variety of restaurants and shops to explore, as well as a vibrant night life. Sacramento County provides a unique blend of city and natural landscapes, and history and modern times that is guaranteed to satisfy all.

Sacramento County Population Records

Total Land Area (2000): 965.65 sq mi
Population (2009): 1,400,949
  • Females: 50.8%
  • White: 69.3%
  • Black/African American: 10.5%
  • Asian: 13.6%
  • Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: 0.9%
  • Hispanic or Latino Origin: 20.5%
  • White, Not Hispanic: 51.4%
Population Change (2000-2009): 177,452
Foreign-Born Population (2000): 16.1%
Language other than English spoken at home (2000): 24.4%
Persons Below Poverty Level (2008): 13.3%
High School Graduates (2000): 83.3%
Bachelor’s Degree or Higher (2000): 24.8%
Persons per Household (2000): 2.64
Housing Units (2000): 474,814
Homeownership Rate (2000): 58.2%
Migration Flow to Sacramento County, CA from (2007-2008):

Sacramento County Records

Total Earnings by Industry, in thou. dol. (2007):
  • Total: $43,781,466
  • Construction: $3,202,305
  • Retail Trade: $2,659,713
  • Professional and Technical Services: $4,564,865
  • Healthcare: $4,146,849
  • Banking: $3,061,049
  • Retail Trade: $2,659,713
  • Accommodations and Food Services: $977,198
  • Manufacturing: $1,894,868
  • Farms: $77,511
  • Government: $14,463,562
Employed (2000): 545,925
Unemployed (2000): 38,961
Unemployment Rate (2009): 11.3%
Annual Payroll per Employee (2007): $36,340
Local Government Employment (2007): 68,310
Local Government Revenue (2007): $6,143,694 (thou. dol.)
Local Government Debt (2007): $8,848,840 (thou. dol.)

Sacramento County Birth, Death Records

Births (2007): 22,119
  • Per 1,000 population: 16.1
Deaths (2007): 9,548
  • Per 1,000 population: 7
Infant Deaths (2007): 127
  • Per 1,000 population: 5.7

Sacramento County Criminal Records

Violent Crimes (2008): 9,259
  • Murder and non-negligent manslaughter: 97
  • Forcible rape: 423
  • Robbery: 3,386
  • Aggravated Assault: 5,353
Property Crimes (2008): 51,939
  • Burglary: 11,890
  • Larceny-Theft: 30,645
  • Motor Vehicle Theft: 9,404

Sacramento County Genealogy Records