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Delaware Public Records

Delaware Public Records

5 Things Excluded From Delaware Public Records

Like all states, Delaware public records provides access to a wide variety of data collected by the government. Sometimes this data is created by the government itself. Other times it is collected from those that live in the state. Each state is allowed to decide on its own exemptions from Delaware public records. Some of Delaware's exemptions include:

  • Public Library Records - Anything you that you checked out under your name is kept by the state, but may not be released to the public without a warrant.
  • Anonymous Charitable Contributions - If you choose to remain anonymous in your contributions, the government respects that right and will not make your data public.
  • Delaware Assembly Emails - While a lot of the government's actions are catalogued and made into public data, the state has decided that the assembly emails represent a breach of privacy.
  • Concealed Weapon Permits - Since the purpose of a concealed weapon is to keep it concealed, Delaware public records exclude that data.
  • Some Criminal Records - In some cases, criminal records are considered to be personal. In each of those cases they are not available in the public domain. This occurs on a case by case basis.
  • Delaware public records contain a lot of information. But there is still quite a bit of information that is excluded. Check to see if the data you want is available before you request the Delaware public records from the state.

    Delaware Birth Records

    Currently there are only three offices from which to obtain a Delaware birth record in person. These are located in Kent, New Castle and Sussex counties. However, for those that require a Delaware birth record and have moved out of the State, you can request a copy through the mail, or by phone.You must be ‘a person of interest’ to obtain a Delaware birth record that is newer then seventy two years. This means the person named on the birth record, the parent of the named, a legal representative or law enforcement. Delaware birth records become part of the public domain after seventy two years. This is a major plus for those who are looking for Delaware ancestors and for genealogy research.

    Delaware Death Records

    Delaware death records include vital information such as the full name of the person, the cause of death and the date and time of death. In some instances, the information on who reported the death and where the person is buried is also included.

    The cause of death listed on a death record can be very helpful for those researching diseases in their family or who are establishing a family history.

    Delaware death records became part of their legal system in 1913. State archives hold some death records as far back as 1811. Death records in this State become public record after forty years, meaning that anybody can obtain a Delaware death record after forty years of the death. After the forty years, they are transferred to the archives and are searchable.

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