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New Hampshire Public Records

New Hampshire Public Records

Introduction to New Hampshire Public Records

New Hampshire public records are compiled by every part of government. In fact, the law itself states that anything created by, received by, or done on behalf of anyone in the government must be kept as a public record. That includes any data collected on you, or a business, or the government itself.

Some records are excluded, such as:

  • Grand Jury Records
  • Student Records
  • Medical Records
  • Test Answers for Licensing Exams
  • Yet many things are also included in New Hampshire public records, such as:

  • Business Licenses
  • Criminal Records
  • Marriage Licenses
  • Any and all branches of government, including city level government and non-profit, independent branches of the government are all required to keep and distribute public records. That means that unless otherwise specified in the law, New Hampshire public records include anything that was ever written to or collected by the government for any reason.

    The New Hampshire public records system is governed by the "Right to Know Law" which handles all regulations regarding the keeping and disbursement of public records. If you decide you would like any information included or excluded from public records, you would need to contact the legislature or the public records office directly to decide on the next possible steps.

    New Hampshire Birth Records

    New Hampshire State Office has been registering Birth Records since 1640. Copies of those records can be obtained from the State office or from the City or Town Clerk where the birth of the individual took place. The more recent birth records starting from 1988 can be accessed from any city or town of the US that is running the Vital Records Automated software called NHVRIN.If you wish to check your New Hampshire Birth Records then you can simply write an application to the Division of Vital Records Administration in the Archives Building on 71 South Fruit Street, Concord, NH 03301-2410. You can either mail or deliver the application by hand but along with it you need to write a personal check or money order payable to the Treasurer, State of New Hampshire. The latest fee required for the release of your birth records can be inquired via telephone or through the website Anyone in the state can access anyone’s the birth record by submitting the application but a certified ID must be presented with that. The ID may be in the form of a driver’s license, passport or any other picture identification. If the picture identification is not presented then you would have to fill another form; “Documentation Evidence for Individuals Not Possessing an Acceptable Picture Identification” to complete the process and get copies of the birth record.

    New Hampshire Death Records

    New Hampshire’s death records are recorded on the State level at their Health Department. Death, marriage and civil union copies are available from the primary office as well as from the 234 clerks located in local towns and cities. To obtain a record however you are required to present a needed interest, generally revolving around legal requirements.

    New Hampshire death records are closed, and therefore not a portion of the public information. Death records predating 1959, however, are considered no longer private and can be obtained by anyone with interest, they may be viewed at the genealogical research center, you do also have the option of sending a request for records in this age category, but you must provide personal identification and pay the needed fee.

    Some people considered to be of direct interest to acquiring death certificates are, the health and human services department, immediate family, legal representation which includes, doctors, funeral directors lawyers or someone appointed to act in behalf of the family, or a guardian of the deceased. These are the most common people in question, who will need, for varied reasons, a certified copy of death records.

    You will also need to provide information regarding the deceased, to help insure the department of vital records can find the record you’re trying to obtain. Information that may help is the full name of the deceased, the location of the death to include both the city and the county, the date of the passing, the spouse’s full name, as well as the parents. It may also help to provide the funeral directors information. The fee charged is for the search itself and you will not be reimbursed so make sure you have all the information you need.

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