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Utah Public Records

Utah Public Records

What is Available in Utah Public Records?

Utah has a variety of state laws that allow access to Utah public records. These records are designed to educate those looking for specific information on residents, businesses, and government agencies.

Utah generally compiles their public records in several different locations, so websites have decided to take all of the data and assemble them together into a single, larger database in order to make accessing Utah public records easier. As a result, finding these records has become a simple task, allowing you to search for the information you need quickly and easily.

What Can You Find on These Records?

Within the Utah public records you will find any and all available data that is deemed important to release publically. Some examples of this information include:

  • Public employee salary information.
  • Marriage and divorce documents and settlements.
  • Restaurant inspections.
  • Real estate information and unclaimed property.
  • The depth of these records is fairly substantial, so it is a good idea to know what you are looking for before you start your query. Utah public records are designed to be easily available, so finding any information you are looking for should be quick and easy, provided you go to the right locations and look for the right data.

    Utah Birth Records

    There are many reasons why people may want to get their birth records or the birth records of family members. Utah Birth records can be obtained from the Utah Office of Vital Records. Though previous records where hand written, this new platform also known as SILVER (Secure Internet Link for Vital Events Records) allows individuals to order certified copies of registered vital events such as Birth, Death, Marriage and Divorce. Utah Vital records are only made available to immediate family members or to people that have obtained a written permission from the immediate family. Moreover, Birth records that are over 100 years old or more, marriage records that are 75 years old or more and death records that are 50 years old or more are no longer held by the office of vital records and statistics. If for any purpose you need to have any of these older records, then you will have to look at the Utah Division of Archives and Records Service.Before 1905, vital records and statistics were registered haphazardly by public health authorities in Utah. However under pressure of the Federal Government to create a better system, the present system was put in place and has been modified with the existing technology to its present day status.

    Utah Death Records

    The State of Utah controls their death records through the Division of Archives and Record Service, and they are grouped into different categories by date. Death records exist in Utah even previously to 1898, if you are looking for death records from that date and back you will need to try searching local city agencies, though they were not legally bound to keep that type of record, some did. For death records that date between 1898 and 1905 they began keeping registered records by county. Some indexes are available online. From 1904 until 1959 it was the duty of the Utah health department to create and keep charge of death records and certificates. Thos records are indexed online. For death records from 1960 and forward it is the Utah State Department of Health Bureau of Vital Records that became in charge. This information is also divided by county as another way of categorizing the records.

    The requirements for being able to request a certified copy of a death, and acquire the death records in the state of Utah you must be either the grandparent, grandchild, sibling, child, parent or spouse, unless you can show proof of a legal need for this document. The general public cannot make this request until at least fifty years after the time of death. When you send in a request by mail you need to include a copy of your photo ID, and be sure to bring it if you’re making the request in one of the vital statistic offices. Utah death records are vast and it will be helpful to your search if you know the county that the death occurred in. This will help to lead you to the proper information. Do keep in mind that they are not, in the state of Utah considered public information until fifty years past the death.