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El Paso County, CO Public Records

Combined Court
PO Box 2980
Colorado Springs, CO 80901-2980
Hours: 7:30AM-5PM MST
P: 719-452-5000, 719-452-5490
F: 719-452-5007
Couriers: 270 S Tejon
Colorado Springs, CO 80901
Jurisdiction: Felony, Misdemeanor, Civil, Eviction, Small Claims, Probate, Juvenile, Traffic, Domestic
Restricted Records: No adoption, sealed, juvenile, mental health, expunged cases or other access restricted cases released
Request form available at website. Records Center is located in the basement.

El Paso County, CO Vital Records

Contact the El Paso County Office of the County Clerk & Recorder if you would like to find vital records, such as birth, death, marriage, divorce, and real estate records.

El Paso County
County Clerk & Recorder
1675 W Garden of the Gods Rd, #2201
Citizen Service Center
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
Phone: 719-520-6202, 719-520-7074
Fax: 719-520-6212
Recorded Documents

El Paso County Vital Certificates

El Paso County Vital Certificates

If you would like to obtain a hard copy of a birth, death, marriage, divorce, or other vital record, you can do so by searching for and requesting a vital certificate. Vital certificates are hard copy documents, the same as those used by the United States government.

Get a vital certificate.

El Paso County Information

Behind Denver County, El Paso County in central Colorado is the state's second most populated county. As one of Colorado's original counties, the area is rich in history, and with its location in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, natural beauty abounds here as well. Colorado Springs is the county seat, and its population of nearly half a million people makes it one of the state's biggest cities. Here you will find an area that blends modern urbanization with its colorful Western past and incredible scenery.

El Paso County began as part of Colorado's famous gold rush. Miners flocked to the area after gold was discovered in 1858, and the area has thrived ever since. Colorado Springs bustles with activity, and like other large metropolitan areas, you will find abundant shops, restaurants, and more. The city offers residents and visitors sites such as the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center and the Peterson Air and Space Museum, among others. Tourism is a big part of the area's economy, and people from all over the world come to enjoy the city's cultural and natural attractions. Perhaps the most famous of these natural wonders is Pikes Peak, whose summit can be reached by car or on foot. There is also the Cave of the Winds and the Garden of the Gods Park, both of which offer stunning beauty and fascinating information about how they were formed. Colorado itself is known for its outdoorsy and active atmosphere, and the numerous hiking trails, parks, and forests in El Paso County fit in perfectly with this.

El Paso County Population Records

Total Land Area (2000): 2,126.45 sq mi
Population (2009): 604,542
  • Females: 50.1%
  • White: 84.7%
  • Black/African American: 7.3%
  • Asian: 3.1%
  • Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: 0.3%
  • Hispanic or Latino Origin: 13.8%
  • White, Not Hispanic: 73.1%
Population Change (2000-2009): 87,609
Foreign-Born Population (2000): 6.4%
Language other than English spoken at home (2000): 11.4%
Persons Below Poverty Level (2008): 10.6%
High School Graduates (2000): 91.3%
Bachelor’s Degree or Higher (2000): 31.8%
Persons per Household (2000): 2.61
Housing Units (2000): 202,428
Homeownership Rate (2000): 64.7%
Migration Flow to El Paso County, CO from (2007-2008):

El Paso County Records

Total Earnings by Industry, in thou. dol. (2007):
  • Total: $16,729,801
  • Construction: $1,135,495
  • Retail Trade: $1,026,638
  • Professional and Technical Services: $2,052,607
  • Healthcare: $1,215,050
  • Banking: $828,379
  • Retail Trade: $1,026,638
  • Accommodations and Food Services: $497,784
  • Manufacturing: $1,274,728
  • Farms: $-7,814
  • Government: $5,266,218
Employed (2000): 244,913
Unemployed (2000): 11,945
Unemployment Rate (2009): 8.3%
Annual Payroll per Employee (2007): $35,658
Local Government Employment (2007): 29,871
Local Government Revenue (2007): $1,648,824 (thou. dol.)
Local Government Debt (2007): $1,981,571 (thou. dol.)

El Paso County Birth, Death Records

Births (2007): 9,015
  • Per 1,000 population: 15.4
Deaths (2007): 3,406
  • Per 1,000 population: 5.8
Infant Deaths (2007): 71
  • Per 1,000 population: 7.9

El Paso County Criminal Records

Violent Crimes (2008): 2,955
  • Murder and non-negligent manslaughter: 31
  • Forcible rape: 416
  • Robbery: 554
  • Aggravated Assault: 1,954
Property Crimes (2008): 19,160
  • Burglary: 4,280
  • Larceny-Theft: 13,486
  • Motor Vehicle Theft: 1,394

El Paso County Genealogy Records