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Colorado Public Records

Colorado Public Records

What is Available in Colorado Public Records?

The US government requires that every state makes certain records publically available, but they allow some of the choices of what can be made public up to the state. Each state decides what should be made public and what is considered private information. Within Colorado public records, there are several pieces of information that have been made public, including:

  • Criminal history background checks.
  • Marriage licenses and birth certificates.
  • Access to the sex offender registry.
  • Certain court records.
  • Unclaimed property and finances.
  • Certain personal asset and business capital information.
  • Colorado public records are fairly open, and include quite a few interesting pieces of information for those that are looking for some specific public document. However, not all information is included in Colorado public records. Examples of this information include:

  • Trade secrets of a company, including software and source codes.
  • Marketing plans of companies and results of market research.
  • Details of state research projects.
  • Also, Colorado public records exclude things like testing keys for licensing exams, since providing those questions and answers would be "against public interest." Similarly, it is possible to get some aspects of your own public records sealed in very rare cases, which it is always a good idea to give yourself a search to ensure that there is no information you want hidden that can be hidden.

    Colorado Birth Records

    As American’s our birth certificates are vital parts of our existence. They are used to enroll us in school, they are used for identity reasons when we get our license and they are used when we are researching our family tree.Obtaining a birth record can sometimes be a hassle, especially if you have moved away from the State that you were born in. But the advent of technology is making it easier to find old and new birth records, regardless of where you live.Certified Colorado Birth Records are available at all county vital record offices or by writing to the main office in Denver Colorado. For those seeking Colorado birth records from 1863-1899, there are about 3000 on microfiche that are open for free viewing through the Colorado State Archives online.

    Colorado Death Records

    Death records are a vital part of our history. Often times, one can research their family history through birth records and death records alone, making building a family tree simple. Colorado death records are maintain through the State Public Health offices.

    Colorado death records are available from the years 1900 to present, however some Counties date back as far as 1868. If you are in need of a Colorado death record from before 1900, it is advisable that you contact the County directly where the death took place.

    To obtain a death record in Colorado you must have an immediate relationship to the named or be a legal representative. Proof of this will be required when you apply.