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Idaho Public Records

Idaho Public Records

How Much Do Idaho Public Records Cost?

Many states have decided to make their records either completely free or at as low a cost as possible. In the interests of saving money, several states do charge for the cost of printing to reimburse their supply budgets, but otherwise they do not charge for the costs of getting the records, because it is the assumption of these governments that the records belong to the people.

The Case of Idaho

Idaho public records operate under a different type of law. To request Idaho public records, you need to also be willing to reimburse the cost of the staff members that are forced to look up the records for you. This is unusual, and Idaho is one of the only states that charges for their staff time.

Still, even though the state does charge for Idaho public records, the costs are usually nominal. You still have the right to view the records at your leisure, and you do not need to give any reason to request these records unless you plan on using them for phone or mailing lists. That is the only restriction on these records. Otherwise the records are open to anyone that is willing to cover the costs of the small fees.

Idaho Birth Records

If you were born in Idaho, then you will need a Idaho Birth Record for passports, visas, school, employment or driver's license. Idaho birth records also come in handy for genealogy reasons when researching your family history.In Idaho, birth records are not public information until after one hundred years. This means that you must have a valid reason (be the named on the certificate or parent of) in order to obtain a newer Idaho birth record. After one hundred years, the birth record is opened to the public – which is good for those researching their family history!To obtain a certified Idaho Birth Record, you may mail in a form with a copy of identification (like a drivers license) or order over the Internet. At this time, Idaho does not offer a way to obtain a birth record in person.

Idaho Death Records

In order to get a death record in the State of Idaho, you will need to address yourself to the Idaho Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics which has been keeping birth and death records since 1911.

Death certificates in Idaho are legally confidential for 50 years. Meaning that within this time, only the close family or a designated legal authority are able to access these certificates. In order to consult or order death certificates from Idaho death records, you must therefore show proof of identification and also proof of relation to the diseased.

Certified copies of the death certificate can be requested online or by mail. There is no walk in service for obtaining certificates and requests are not accepted by phone or through email. Once the request has been made, it will normally take between 5 to 7 business days to reach you. These certificates are subject to a $14 fee.