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Maine Public Records

Maine Public Records

3 Examples of Information Included in Maine Public Records

Maine public records are some of the most open in the country. The state has allowed the public to view records without describing a purpose, the records can be used for any reason, and anyone in the country is allowed to request these records.

Inside of Maine public records, you will find a lot of interesting information on people, places, businesses, and governments. Some of the information you will find includes:

  • Criminal Records - According to Maine public records law, criminal records are subject to public records unless they refer to an ongoing criminal case and providing said records could jeopardize the case.
  • Marriage Licenses - Marriage and divorce licenses are considered a matter of public record, so you can look up any licenses acquired or registered in the state of Maine.
  • Government Salaries - Though the government is fighting the idea that names are associated with salaries, government salaries are available by title, and open for public viewing.
  • There is a considerable amount of information to be found in these Maine public records, provided you know where to look. With some general exceptions for privacy of the state's citizens, Maine has made it easy to view any information that is collected by or created by the government.

    Maine Birth Records

    In Maine the official registration of birth, death and marriage started in 1892. Before 1892 these events were recorded but not maintained properly that is why now the administration is finding it difficult to search for all the records before 1892.The main purpose of finding the older Maine birth records is that they are starting to digitize the database and making your access to it easy. If you were born in Maine then you can search for your birth records on you wish to view the hard copy of your birth records then there is some complication involved. From 1892 to 1955 the birth records were stored at the Maine State Archives research room and can now be ordered through mail. But if you wish to view the Maine birth records from 1923 to date then to do so you have to refer to the Office of Vital Records (OVR).To check your Maine state birth records you can either just walk into the OVR with cash payment, check, or credit card, or through a written request by mail to 224 Water Street in Augusta, Maine where the present OVR is located.

    Maine Death Records

    The state of Maine has kept vital statistic records on deaths, births, and marriages at a State level since 1892. If you’re looking for information dating previously to 1892 you will need to contact the town clerk for the location that the death occurred, as all records prior to that date were kept by town and city officials.

    The State requested the records, but only approximately 20 percent responded. For death records dating between 1892 and 1922 you will need to turn to the Maine State Archives, you can call, write or email the archives and for a fee they’ll search their records, that fee is non-refundable. You’ll want to include as much information as you can to help ensure they can find your record. This includes parents’ names, date of death, location, address, and listed spouse. The more information you provide the more likely that they’ll be able to find your records.

    For records, dating from 1922-1955 you will be able to access them in the research room at the Maine State Archives.

    If you need a certified copy of a Maine death record you may make your request in multiple ways, such as walk-in, or written request.

    For death records you must be either the spouse or registered domestic partner, one of the parents named on the record, a descendent of the person named on the record, a legal guardian, in custody of the person named on the record, or an authorized representative. Maine also allows CDC issued researcher qualified Genealogists access to the records.