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Nevada Public Records

Nevada Public Records

How Accurate Are Nevada Public Records

The goal of public records was to provide transparency between the government and the public. The Freedom of Information Act encourages the idea of improving access to public records so that the government is not allowed to work behind the backs of its citizens.

Nevada public records allow you to access a considerable amount of information on the people, businesses, and government in Nevada. However, according to multiple sources, Nevada public records are woefully behind where they should be. Financial information has not yet been loaded since 2009, and much of the information is still missing that was expected to be loaded by 2010.

Does That Mean That the Records Are Empty?

Still, if you are looking for Nevada public records, there will still be a considerable amount of information on the people, businesses, and companies you are interested in. While some of the data will be missing, a great deal of data has still been loaded and continues to be updated regularly. If you cannot find the data right away, you can contact the state records agency and try your best to get hold of the information you need. The state does want to follow the law, but has simply been disorganized up until this point.

Nevada Birth Records

The State office of Nevada has records of births since July 1911. Anyone born after July 1911 can write an application to obtain copies of their records, but for those who were born before then; they have to write to the County Recorder in the country where they were born. There is a chance that they might find their records that way.The application for the release of Nevada Birth Records has to be mailed to the Office of Vital Records at 4150 Technology way, Suite 104 in Carson city, NV 89706. A personal check or money order; made payable to the Office of Vital Records should also accompany the application. For information of the latest fees regarding the release of your Nevada Birth Certificate you can call Office of Vital Records. The information is also available online at The state of Nevada does not release birth certificates for unqualified applicants; to be a qualified applicant you have to be a direct family member by blood or by marriage, a registrant, his/ her legal guardian or legal representative. The state laws also require a copy of your government certified photo which might be of a driver’s license card or even your State ID card.

Nevada Death Records

The State of Nevada death records are maintained and held by the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services, they are responsible for the records dating from July 1, 1911 until the present. If you are in search of records predating 1911 you will need to know the county where the death certificate was issued, as the records were their responsibility.

The State of Nevada does not consider the death records public information; they are closed and private records. Therefore, you must meet requirements to have these vital records released. The state of Nevada finds that a qualified person to apply for a death certificate is, a direct family member either by blood or by marriage, someone providing legal representation, or someone considered the guardian.

Orders may be placed by mail or through a third party company online. Death certificates and records are important vital statistics information for the state of Nevada to gather, and as such, this information is viewed as confidential. When you can provide a legal need, such as a family member trying to collect insurance, or a dependent that is trying to collect an inheritance, you then have the right to request a certified copy of the death records.