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Wyoming Public Records

Wyoming Public Records

Where Can You Find Wyoming Public Records?

The goal of public records is to make them widely available. The idea is that by allowing access into government documents, the government will have greater transparency, which in turn will lead to a more trustworthy government.

Wyoming public records can be obtained in two ways:

1) You can gain access to Wyoming public records by contacting the office in charge of keeping, maintaining, and distributing those records. Often this will be one centralized location, though in some cases you may need to contact the government office directly in order to receive those records. Wyoming law does not specify a response time, but they do require the records to be delivered quickly if possible.

2) You can also access Wyoming public records on public record aggregate websites. Many websites have already requested a variety of public records, and since few states have restrictions on how those records be used, a quick search can help you find the data you need.

Wyoming may be a small state, but they still contain a considerable amount of information in their public records. If you need to access Wyoming public records, the two ways described above are the best methods for receiving that information from the government.

Wyoming Birth Records

Vital records in the state of Wyoming are registered by the registrar in the county where the occurrence (birth, death, marriage, divorce records) took place. These records are later filed with the state authorities where they are united with records from different avenues and filed together such that a handful of useful information about a person that is resident in the state of Wyoming, or that has resided there even for a brief period can be located.The vital statistics Services of Wyoming Department of Health is the service that is responsible for keeping and distributing all Wyoming birth records. Such records are often important for genealogy researches, and in most cases for completing administrative documents and for solving legal issues especially pertaining to inheritance, and these documents have been kept since 1910 when it was required by state law to collect and keep all vital records in one place.Birth certificates can be obtained by Registrants that are 18 years of age and who, a parent named on the certificate, a lawyer representing the registrant or the registrant’s parents or a legal guardian with guardianship papers.However, if you wish to consult birth records that are over 100 years old, you will need to address yourself instead to the Wyoming state archives and anyone with the right references can obtain this information as it has then become a public domain.

Wyoming Death Records

Wyoming death records are available under their Vital Statistics Services. Anything older than fifty years must be sought out under the Wyoming state Archive. The death certificate ate may be obtained by those who fall under the immediate family , legal representation of the family, the bank, insurance companies and estate executors also have the right to file for a certificate of death from the vital statistics department. A certified copy of a death record will allow you to settle issues with insurance companies, and obtain government death benefits.

To obtain a death record you must know some information, such as the city in which the death occurred or the county, the date of the death, full name as would be listed on record. You must also be willing to provide the reason you require the Wyoming death record, an address that you plan to have it sent too and the relationship to the deceased. If the date of death isn’t known then you may request a search, thought they will require a fee for five year searches. That fee is nonrefundable. The state of Wyoming death records are available dating as far back as 1909, though they are only under the Vital Statistics Services, for the past fifty years.

The Wyoming State Archives offer all other death records, though anything predating 1908 there was no requirement to file a death certificate. It wasn’t until 1941 that the death records became classified as confidential and they taken out of the category of public record. Then in 1995 the Wyoming death records became released following fifty years after the date of death. Vital records may have information in them regarding the date and place of death, as well as the home address and even parent names.