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Florida Public Records

Florida Public Records

How to Find Florida Public Records

The freedom of information act has made it far easier to locate public records on an individual or business. Each state is required by law to allow access to specific types of information on things like marriages, business transactions, criminal history and more.

Florida public records are some of the most popular in the country. Accessing Florida public records has also become much easier thanks to the availability of digital information. There are several ways you can access these records, including:

  • Contacting Individual Counties - Some counties make you contact them individually for specific records and request the documents you need. Some are free, while others may require a small fee.
  • Locating Florida Public Record Aggregates - There are several websites that aggregate the information in public records into online folders that allow you to access the information all at once.
  • The state itself will also have several types of public records available to access as needed. How to request these records depends on the type of record you need. Some will need you to fill out request forms, while others will simply allow you access with a simple search. Your best bet to finding the public records you need is to visit public records websites and view what you need to gain that access.

    Florida Birth Records

    Florida birth records are on file from 1917 in the State archives. There are some limited records available that date to 1865, but record keeping was sparse at this time.

    Florida birth records can be ordered through the mail, in person or through their Internet site. They no longer offer a walk in service. Florida birth records are available to only those who are listed on the record, or an immediate family member of the listed person. Proof of relationship is required before you will be granted a birth record.

    Florida birth records become part of public information after one hundred years. At this time, a birth record can be requested from anybody for any purpose.

    Florida Death Records

    Florida death records are on file with the State from the year 1927; however some cities like Key West started keeping records of death as early as 1865. Florida offers two types of death records to the public; a ‘without cause of death’ and a ‘with cause of death’.

    Anybody may order a Florida death record without the cause of death on it for privacy reason. A Florida death record that lists the cause of death is only issued to the deceased spouse, parent, child, grandchild, adult sibling or a legal representative.

    With cause death records are help confidential until after fifty years. After this time period the Florida death record becomes public information and open to anybody.