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DeKalb County, GA Public Records

Superior Court
556 N McDonough St
Decatur, GA 30030
Hours: 8:30AM-5PM EST
P: 404-371-2836
F: 404-371-2635
Jurisdiction: Felony, Civil over $15,000, Juvenile, Domestic Relations, Family
Restricted Records: No juvenile, adoption, sexual, mental health or expunged records released
State Court
556 N McDonough St
Courthouse, 2nd Fl
Decatur, GA 30030
Hours: 8:30AM-5PM EST
P: 404-371-2261
F: 404-371-3064
Jurisdiction: Misdemeanor, Civil, Evictions, Traffic
Civil located on the 2nd floor, Administrative Tower. The fax is not available for public use.
Magistrate Court
556 N McDonough St, Rm 230
Decatur, GA 30030 https://dekalbcountymagistratecourt.c
Hours: 8:30AM-5PM EST
P: 404-371-2261
Jurisdiction: Civil Actions under $15,000, Small Claims, Evictions, Ordinances
Online access is available free at Court also has jurisdiction for bad checks, arrest warrants, preliminary hearings, and county ordinance violations.
Probate Court
556 N McDonough St
Judicial Tower, Rm 1100
Decatur, GA 30030
Hours: 8:30AM-5PM EST
P: 404-371-2718
F: 404-371-7055
Jurisdiction: Probate, Estates, Marriage Licenses
The Probate Court has jurisdiction over the probate of wills, administration of estates, appointment of guardians and conservators for incapacitated adults or children, and mental health commitments, and issues marriage licenses & weapons carry licenses.

DeKalb County, GA Vital Records

Contact the DeKalb County Office of the Clerk of Superior Court if you would like to find vital records, such as birth, death, marriage, divorce, and real estate records.

DeKalb County
Clerk of Superior Court
556 N McDonough St
County Courthouse, Ground Fl
Decatur, GA 30030
8:30AM-5PM EST
Phone: 404-371-2836
Fax: 404-371-3273
Recorded Documents

DeKalb County Vital Certificates

DeKalb County Vital Certificates

If you would like to obtain a hard copy of a birth, death, marriage, divorce, or other vital record, you can do so by searching for and requesting a vital certificate. Vital certificates are hard copy documents, the same as those used by the United States government.

Get a vital certificate.

DeKalb County Information

Deep in the heart of Georgia, you'll find quiet DeKalb County. Steeped in Civil War history, DeKalb—and more specifically, Decatur, the county seat—was a key strategic site when Sherman waged his campaign against Atlanta. Margaret Mitchell based Gone With the Wind—a book that has been printed more than any other book in the world—on many of the events of the county.

The arts are alive and well in DeKalb County. The Porter Sanford III Performing Arts & Community Center keeps the county well supplied with a wide variety of fine arts performances, and it is also a venue for local weddings and business meetings. And it isn't unusual to see sculptures, photographs, and paintings created by talented local artists on display in the parks and buildings around town.

If you're an antique hunter, a visit to Chamblee's Antique Row in Atlanta will be like discovering the Holy Grail. This stand of small, unique shops offers collectors a smorgasbord of exciting one-of-a-kind treasures. For a more contemporary shopping experience, head into Decatur. The downtown area is touted as a "mallternative" way to shop with tree-lined streets, and shop owners that actually care about making your shopping experience memorable. If you've shopped until you're ready to drop, small cafes along the way have welcoming tables outside so you can take in a little people watching while you rest.

The county isn't short on activities for those of you who love the outdoors. The Davidson Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve is a beautiful wetlands area and animal preserve, and Stone Mountain, which offers many exciting outdoor activities, is a wonderful place to spend the day outside.

DeKalb is a great place to visit, and a great place to stay…so come see all that is available.

DeKalb County Population Records

Total Land Area (2000): 268.21 sq mi
Population (2009): 747,274
  • Females: 51.4%
  • White: 40.2%
  • Black/African American: 53.7%
  • Asian: 4.2%
  • Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: 0.1%
  • Hispanic or Latino Origin: 10.9%
  • White, Not Hispanic: 30.5%
Population Change (2000-2009): 81,226
Foreign-Born Population (2000): 15.2%
Language other than English spoken at home (2000): 17.4%
Persons Below Poverty Level (2008): 15.6%
High School Graduates (2000): 85.1%
Bachelor’s Degree or Higher (2000): 36.3%
Persons per Household (2000): 2.62
Housing Units (2000): 261,231
Homeownership Rate (2000): 58.5%
Migration Flow to DeKalb County, GA from (2007-2008):

DeKalb County Records

Total Earnings by Industry, in thou. dol. (2007):
  • Total: $22,661,219
  • Construction: $953,793
  • Retail Trade: $1,330,299
  • Professional and Technical Services: $2,097,270
  • Healthcare: $1,944,254
  • Banking: $1,269,876
  • Retail Trade: $1,330,299
  • Accommodations and Food Services: $459,323
  • Manufacturing: $1,574,609
  • Farms: $555
  • Government: $3,444,319
Employed (2000): 347,410
Unemployed (2000): 20,310
Unemployment Rate (2009): 9.6%
Annual Payroll per Employee (2007): $37,884
Local Government Employment (2007): 24,731
Local Government Revenue (2007): $2,045,252 (thou. dol.)
Local Government Debt (2007): $1,213,568 (thou. dol.)

DeKalb County Birth, Death Records

Births (2007): 11,764
  • Per 1,000 population: 16
Deaths (2007): 3,977
  • Per 1,000 population: 5.4
Infant Deaths (2007): 108
  • Per 1,000 population: 9.2

DeKalb County Criminal Records

Violent Crimes (2008): 5,782
  • Murder and non-negligent manslaughter: 117
  • Forcible rape: 201
  • Robbery: 3,428
  • Aggravated Assault: 2,036
Property Crimes (2008): 44,363
  • Burglary: 13,106
  • Larceny-Theft: 23,835
  • Motor Vehicle Theft: 7,422

DeKalb County Genealogy Records