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Maryland Public Records

Maryland Public Records

What is Not Included in Maryland Public Records?

Since 2008, Maryland public records have been providing those in need with publically available information regarding such things like criminal records, business licenses, and more. The idea is for anyone that needs that information to be able to quickly access the government files. It's all part of the nationwide goal of having more transparency in the government.

Of course, within Maryland public records, you'll also find some personal information, because any information collected by the government is at risk of being made public under state law. However, there are several pieces of information that will not be included for safety reasons. Some of these include:

  • Student Records - Your grades, your achievements, etc., are not considered to be a matter of public record, so they are going to be excluded.
  • Library Records - No one is allowed to know the books you check out unless you give them permission or they have a warrant.
  • Motor Vehicle Information - Your DMV records are not considered a matter of Maryland public records. Although your address and other information may be available through other government sources.
  • There is a lot of information in Maryland public records, but most truly private information is kept separate. It's always a good idea to search for your own records if you are concerned about what may be found out about you.

    Maryland Birth Records

    In order to check out your Maryland Birth records you would have to do some research first. Based on which period you were born in, you would have to refer to the specific archives.For those who were born between 1654 and 1776, their birth records would be present in the Maryland State Archives. Whereas for those who were born in the period of 1800-1864; there were no such records made. To find any birth records of people from that period, the best option would be to search the church records. During the period of 1865-1972, the birth records were stored at Maryland State Archives and from 1973 onwards the records were stored at the Division of Vital Records. All these birth records were and still are maintained till a 100 years; Records exceeding the 100 year limit are disposed of.For those who wish to access their Maryland Birth records, they can check at the Maryland State Archives in the Hall of Records Building, 350 Rowe Blvd., Annapolis or the Division of Vital Records in the Metro Executive Building, 4201 Patterson Avenue, Baltimore; depending where your records are stored as mentioned above. You just have to submit the fee for the access, by hand or you could request for the records via mail. The online request for Maryland’s Birth Certificates is also an option as more and more States go online with their databases.

    Maryland Death Records

    The State of Maryland houses their recent vital statistics records under the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, with the Vital Statistics Administration. They do not view the current records as public information for at least the last ten years, and therefore require you meet qualifications before applying for a certificate of death. The State requires that you be a surviving relative of the deceased, a funeral director who was in charge of the deceased’s final disposition, a court of law, an authorized representative of a surviving relative, such as a legal representation, or an individual who has a legal need and the ability to prove it.

    For older Maryland death records, you can contact the Maryland state archives. Maryland has records dating back to 1898, for all counties except Baltimore City, which they date records back to 1875. Baltimore city death records can be found with the Maryland state Archives in a mix of microfilm, electronic, and paper forms. The law was only partially followed until 1914 and some records may be incomplete.

    However, the records date much further back, all the way to 1654. Only a few of the records and registers that were historically kept are available today but some are, and they can be found in a mix of paper records and microfilm records, information on these can be found through the Maryland state archives. The state archives offer a wealth of information regarding death records dating back some to even colonial times. As well as information, regarding the laws enacted over time to ensure the quality of death records kept.