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Kansas Public Records

Kansas Public Records

Kansas Public Records - How Each State is Different

Every state is in charge of deciding what is considered open in their public records. Kansas public records, for example, have their own specific laws with regard to what is considered acceptable to share. Kansas is one of 15 states with an open adoption records policy - other states have deemed adoption to be something that should be kept private.

If you comb over Kansas public records, you will find many different examples of records that are considered public by Kansas and private by other states.

Each state has the right to decide on what it believes is a matter of public interest. Still, there are many similarities. Most information that the government collects on itself, for example, is considered to be important to share with the public. In addition, a considerable amount of public data (such as addresses, criminal histories, etc.), are considered interesting to the public as well, and all states have allowed this information to be released.

Yet each state also has its differences. Adoption is one example where Kansas has decided that its Kansas public records need to be more open, while other states still believe that this information, and others, should be kept confidential unless given reasons to supply it.

Kansas Birth Records

Finding birth records for ancestors and family research can be a daunting task but Kansas is one of the few States that has made it easier to track down Kansas Birth Records from the past. The State of Kansas started keeping official records of births on July 1, 1911Between about 1885 and 1911 births, deaths and marriages may have been recorded at the county or city clerk's office in register volumes. Not all of these registers have survived. At the Kansas Historical Society you can search these records quickly and easily.The Kansas Historic Society has tried hard to get records together to make it easier for you. You can search their online database or visit their offices to view their microfilms.If you need a Kansas birth record from a somewhat recent birth, the process is much easier, assuming of course, that you have a legal right to such document. You can obtain a copy of a Kansas birth record by phone, over the Internet, by mail or in person.

Kansas Death Records

Kansas death records are useful for many reasons. You may need a death record for a loved one that has recently passed away in order to finalize their estate, or you may need a Kansas death record because you are interested in your family history.

Kansas started recording death records in the year 1911. Death records prior to this year may be found at a County level, as some people did register deaths even though they were no required to.

The State of Kansas uses the information that they gather from death records for the States public health analyses. The information on death records helps the State determine if there is an outbreak on a certain illness or disease.