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Louisiana Public Records

Louisiana Public Records

Are Louisiana Public Records Free?

When it comes to public records, each state has created its own way of deciding what is available and what is not. Part of that includes documents that are simply excluded on the grounds of being too personal. Others have to do with cost, and how easy it is to obtain these records.

Louisiana public records vary. In some cases the information they have is available for free. In other cases, you need to pay a small fee to view it. Making copies can also have cost. Copies of death certificates, for example, can cost around $7.00. Costs of birth certificates can vary between short and long form, but a short form costs about $9.00 while a long form costs $15.00.

With all of the Louisiana public records you may be looking for, it depends on the type of record, where you are accessing it from, and whether or not you need a copy. Yet with most records, the cost of Louisiana is still fairly low, and you can request the cost of the record be lowered if you can argue that the document truly is a matter of public interest. It simply depends on what you need, and the work you need to do to obtain it.

Louisiana Birth Records

Under Louisiana law, birth records in this State are strictly confidential until 100 years after the year of birth. Currently, the Louisiana Vital Records Registry maintains birth records from 1907 to the present. Birth records older than 100 years are available at the Louisiana State Archives.You may obtain a certified copy of a Louisiana birth certificate if you are the person named on the document, spouse of the person named on the document, parent of the person named on the document, adult child of the person named on the document, sibling of the person named on the document, grandparent of the person named on the document, or an adult grandchild of the person named on the document.There are three ways to obtain a Louisiana birth record. One: By visiting one of nine offices located through the State. Two: By phone or mail or Three: over the Internet.When requesting a Louisiana birth record, proof of identity will need to be proven to ensure the privacy of the named is protected.

Louisiana Death Records

Louisiana death records are maintained by the States Public House office. They have death records that date from 1957 to present.

Louisiana requires that a certified copy of death can only be given to a party who is eligible and shows legitimate legal interest this includes, parents as listed on record of death, a sibling, grandparent, child, or spouse, these will require proof of relationship. Legal guardians are also entitled to a certified copy of the death certificate, and must provide proof of guardianship. Any legal representative of one of these eligible parties may file the application.

For the years 1957 and back you will need to search the State Archives of the Louisiana death records. These records are public information. If you are doing genealogy research you are only allowed access to records that occurred more than fifty years before the current date, you must also clarify the relationship, these copies will not be certified and will be printed on plain paper.