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North Dakota Public Records

North Dakota Public Records

What You Will Find Within North Dakota Public Records

Since the Freedom of Information Act was enacted, all fifty states created their own unique public records laws. North Dakota public records provide anyone looking for public documents collected or created by the government of North Dakota to receive said documents upon request, for anyone that requests them, and the records may be used for any purpose. Some of the records you will find include:

  • Business Licensing Information - Any business that is registered in or reports in North Dakota will be included in the North Dakota public records.
  • Land Property Records - Landowners and their information. This is to help people purchase land and make judgments on property prices, etc.
  • Marriage and Divorce Licenses - Anyone that has married or divorced within the state is included in public records.
  • Criminal Histories - Anyone with a criminal history that is not otherwise excluded for legal reasons can be found in a search of North Dakota public records.
  • North Dakota contains a considerable amount of information within its public records. The law states that anyone and everyone can have access to these records, without requiring a reason, so if you are interested in viewing or copying these records, you can do so for only a small fee, or free in some cases.

    North Dakota Birth Records

    Until 1870 North Dakota did not have any official record of the births that took place in the state. Even the birth records from 1870 till 1920 are incomplete. The birth records since then have been kept by North Dakota State Department of Health.

    A person wanting to access the North Dakota Birth Records could write an application to the State Department of Health at Division of Vital Records, 600 East Boulevard Avenue, Dept. 301, Bismarck, ND 58505-0200. The application could be handed over via mail or in person. It must be ensured however that a personal check or money order payable North Dakota Department of Health is sent along with the application. For information on the current fees involved for the release of copies of a birth record, you can visit the website When the application reaches its destination it would be a wait of 7 days from then till the application is processed.

    The North Dakota

    Birth Records are kept private and are only revealed to the registrant or their parents. The State laws of North Dakota require a photograph with a valid ID of the applicant who is trying to access the birth records. Even a driver’s license with your Photograph on it would suffice.

    North Dakota Death Records

    The North Dakota Department of Health is in charge of the Division of Vital Records, they take care of death records, as well as birth, and marriage records. The State requires that you provide proof of your identification when you are making a request for a certified copy of a North Dakota death record.

    There are only specific people who are allowed to obtain a certified copy of death records. Those included in this are: relations, legal representation, a child fatality review board, and the funeral home that is submitting the certificate. The certified copy will constitute a legal document and will be able to help you settle different estate matters like insurance, and inheritance.

    However, if you’re in search of a copy for research, North Dakota does consider the death certificate almost completely public record, you can apply for a certified informational copy, the informational copy will hold all the needed data for research but will not include medical information, including the cause of death, and the social security number of the recorded person.

    This record, though not designed to use for legal means, does provide the needed information for research purposes. You may send a request for a certified copy or an informational copy through mail, internet, either in person, or by fax. The more personal information you know about the death and the deceased, the more it will help aid in your records search.