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West Virginia Public Records

West Virginia Public Records

An Introduction to West Virginia Public Records

West Virginia has the right to create its own laws as they relate to West Virginia public records. How they create their laws affect how easy it is for you to access the data you need.

  • Response Time
  • West Virginia public records law includes a response time of five days to response to a records request. If the request is difficult, the government has to notify you about the delay, and you are allowed to appeal the delay if they do not provide you with the information you need.

  • Fees
  • The law itself does not describe how fees are calculated. Many documents can be viewed for free, while others require that the government be reimbursed for the cost of copying said records. There are very few specifics about fees in the law.

  • Requestors
  • Some states have specific requirements about who can access public records. But West Virginia public records law allows anyone that wants access to these records the right to view them or copy them for any reason.

    West Virginia Public Records

    As you can see, West Virginia public records has a great deal of freedom for those that are looking to access the information. Though there are some fees, the response time is quick and anyone that wants to view the records may request them.

    West Virginia Birth Records

    Birth records are useful for individuals that are tracing their genealogy, but people may also find their personal birth records for administrative purposes as well as for health reasons. West Virginia vital research Records project is an ongoing project that lists Birth, death and marriage records online, such that researchers and interested persons are able to search through these records online. It is even possible to view the original scanned copies of the original records. In order to search these records, you just need to enter a first name and a last name. Sometimes you might have more information, such as county, which you might enter to make the query more precise.It is possible to obtain copies of West Virginia Birth records directly from the Archives and history Library where the records are kept on microfilm and can be consulted on request; these records can also be obtained by mail with a $5 charge for in-state mailed request and a $15 charge for out of state mailed requests.If you wish to receive a certificate of the records, then you will need to obtain certificates directly from the county that issued the certificate in the first place. Only these certificates can be used for legal or administrative purposes. The copies can be used for informational purposes only.

    West Virginia Death Records

    The State of West Virginia has their death records under their Health Statistics Center and the West Virginia Department f Health and Human Resources. They do not view the vital records as open, or public information. To request the West Virginia Death Record you must have a legitimate legal reason for requesting it, or be a direct relation, those who are considered direct relations are grandparents and parents, children, or grandchildren, brothers and sisters and because they often file on behalf of one of these eligible parties a funeral director.

    West Virginia death records are available to order by phone, fax or internet, but you must have a credit or debit card to do this. They will allow for rush orders at a slightly more expensive rate. You may also make your request in person or by mail for a lesser rate. The West Virginia Vital statistics department will include three years in the fee they charge, they will search the year listed and one previous and one later, if you were wrong about the date then you will have to pay another fee for another search. This form of obtaining records can only be done by money orders, cash or checks. By searching death records in person you will obtain them faster usually immediately, standard mail is slowest.

    The West Virginia Vital Registration Office stresses they are not the best source for gemological information. They do however point out that often that information is attainable through the West Virginia Division of Culture and History’s Archives and History Library. The State archive does house death records and offers an abundant search system.