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Kentucky Public Records

Kentucky Public Records

Do You Need a Reason to Access Kentucky Public Records?

It's important to learn about the needs of each state before you access their public records. Some states have open records laws - meaning that you can access the records at any time for any reason, and you do not need to state your reason up front in order to view or make copies of the records.

Kentucky public records are slightly different. In Kentucky, most people can access the records without providing a reason. However, Kentucky public records do have a clause that states if you need to access any of the records for commercial purposes, you need to state your reasoning ahead of time. In addition, while everyday individuals do not need to pay records keepers for their time, those that need Kentucky public records for commercial purposes do need to cover the costs of the record keeper's time. Should they not disclose that information it is against the law to use the data for commercial purposes.

Before you decide what data you want to access, it is always important to get to know the state's specific laws before you make your request. You may find that some states have different record policies than others, and without knowing these differences you may not be able to get your hands on the records you want.

Kentucky Birth Records

A birth certificate is needed to get a United States Passport and is considered valid proof of USA citizenship. For a birth record to be considered certified, it must have the County or State seal, a registrar’s signature and the date of issuance, which must occur within one year of the date of birth.Kentucky birth records are on file from 1911 to present. If you are looking for birth record from Kentucky prior to 1911, you may be able to find it through Kentucky Historic Society or their Department of Library and Archives.Certified Kentucky birth records from 1911 to today may be obtained in person, by mail or over the phone. There is a thirty day turnaround time if requested by mail.

Kentucky Death Records

Kentucky death records and other such vital records are part of the Department of Vital Records. The Vital Records office has Kentucky death records from the year 1911 to present. The State also has a searchable database from 1911 to 2000 online for the convenience of their patrons.

Kentucky does not have any law regarding their death records. Kentucky death records are considered public information and all that is needed to obtain one is a simple application. Information that you will need to provide to ensure the record can be found is, the date, at least the year that the person passed away, the location to include county where the death certificate was issued, and the deceased’s full name. Other information that can help narrow down the search results is the parent’s names, as well as the social security number. The more proper information you can provide the more likely you are to find the certificate you are looking for.