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Ohio Public Records

Ohio Public Records

What is Available in Ohio Public Records?

The freedom of information act allows a considerable amount of information to be made available online. However, every state has their own way of supplying that information, as well as a limit to the type of information they provide.

Ohio public records are not under some of the legal constraints of other states, making them somewhat easy to access. Ohio public records are listed by the "Ohio Open Records" law.

What the Law Entails

Regarding fees, the Ohio public records law is intentionally vague. Some records are free, others are not, and all of them are decided by the organization in charge of disseminating the information. Public records are also limited to items that are not considered personal information. For example, the following is not required to be released as a public record:

  • Medical Histories
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Public School Student Information
  • Intellectual Property Records
  • Firefighter or Police Officer Home Addresses
  • Any information that can be considered dangerous or information that can be abused in an unlawful or unethical way is generally kept confidential (though it may be released through other channels) while anything that may be considered useful information to the general public is released in the Ohio public records.

    Ohio Birth Records

    As American’s, our birth certificates are vital parts of our existence. They are used to enroll us in school, they are used for identity reasons and to prove our US citizenship and they are used when we are researching our family tree.Obtaining an Ohio birth record can sometimes be a hassle, especially if you have moved away from the State that you were born in. But the advent of technology is making it easier to find old and new birth records, regardless of where you live.Ohio birth records became the law is 1867, but it wasn’t until 1908 that they went into a State wide record keeping system. If you are looking for a Ohio birth record from 1867 to 1908, the County Probate Court where the birth took place is the best place to start your research.

    Ohio Death Records

    An Ohio death record is issued immediately after somebody passes away. They are then recorded on a State level with the Vital Statics Office. This office has records that date back to 1908, however if you are looking for a Ohio death record prior to this date, then you may be able to find it on a County level, in the County that the death took place.

    Ohio death records are considered public information and anybody is entitled to request a copy. There are a couple different ways to obtain a death record in Ohio. You may visit the County office where the event took place or the States main office located in Columbus Ohio, or you may mail in a request to the main office (there is a three to six week turnaround) Additionally, Ohio is partnered with a third party site where you can order a death record from the comfort of your home.