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Oklahoma Public Records

Oklahoma Public Records

Types of Information Found in Oklahoma Public Records

Finding information about people, businesses, and government offices has been made much easier thanks to public records. Oklahoma public records include all of the information that the state has decided should be open for public use. Within Oklahoma public records, you will find:

  • Information on People - While you can't find someone's social security number, you can find documents such as marriage records, divorce records, and birth information. You can also find criminal histories on almost anyone that lives and/or was born in the state.
  • Information on Businesses - Business licenses, certain registrations - all of those are considered interesting to the public, so they have been made public. No inside information will be available but Oklahoma public records still include a great deal on various businesses and their operations.
  • Information on the Government - Anyone that works inside the government is considered a public official, so they are required by law to hold on to any documents they create, and allow the public to access them.
  • Oklahoma public records are fairly substantial, and include a great deal of information on people and businesses in the state of Oklahoma. Anyone that wants access to these records can simply contact the office directly or search online for easy access.

    Oklahoma Birth Records

    Oklahoma birth records began as early as 1908, but were not mandated by law until 1917. There are three ways to obtain a Oklahoma birth record. In person at one of three locations across the State, which is the fastest way. By mail, which can take up to three weeks to process, or through VitalCheck, an independent company that can quickly find and print your birth record. Birth record copies in Oklahoma are only issued to the registrant’s Immediate Family which includes the parents, siblings, children, current spouse or maternal or paternal grandparents. State laws also require a photographic ID of the applicant so you also need to present a government issued ID to get the copies of the Birth records. The ID can be anything from a driver’s license to a passport.

    Oklahoma Death Records

    The State of Oklahoma houses their death certificates and vital statistics information under the Oklahoma State Department of Health. They began keeping death records in 1908, though it did not become law to do so until 1917. However, the records before 1940 are incomplete.

    Oklahoma does not consider death certificates public information in that they cannot be searched through or inspected by the public, online or in the records office. They are public record in that any person who chooses to apply for a death certificate may do so; you are required to submit a written application, pay any required fees as well as have the information needed to produce the record from a search.

    The information that will assist in the search for the death certificate is the name on record of the person in question at the time of their passing, the date, and city or county in which the event occurred. It will also help if you have the funeral home name. You will also be required to submit a government issued photo ID, as well as your signature. Death certificates may only be requested in Oklahoma, by mail or in person, they do not offer any online requests though they do have the form for applications available online.