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Indiana Public Records

Indiana Public Records

What to Find in Indiana Public Records

Each state is required to make most government collected information available to the public. These records - known as public records - contain any and all government collected information that is considered to be of public interest, and can be accessed by simply requesting said information from the source in charge of keeping it.

Indiana public records are no different. Indiana public records are any records that are deemed of public interest, which includes most of the following:

  • Personal Data Information - While privacy related information is not released, personal information such as your marriage records, your address, etc., are often considered to be of public record and may be accessed by those interested.
  • Business License Information - Any information about business licenses, such as registered businesses, alcohol license, etc., are all available as public information.
  • Government Accountability - Many different types of government records are also made available in Indiana public records. You can find information on official salaries, work data, and most other information on government operations.
  • Indiana public records include a considerable amount of information on people, businesses, and government. Provided it isn't excluded for public safety or privacy reasons, most of the information you need has likely been made available, and can be accessed if you use the proper channels.

    Indiana Birth Records

    There are many reasons why some body may want a copy of their own birth records or the birth records of family members. Indiana birth records can be obtained from the Indiana Office of Vital Records but are not considered public record until one hundred years after the birth took place.

    Indiana birth records are only made available to immediate family members or to a legal representative of the named prior to these one hundred years. Along with your application requesting a copy of a birth record, you will need to show proof that you have a legal right to this record.

    Birth records in Indiana began in 1907 on a State level. To obtain a birth record from Indiana prior to this date, you will need to contact the County where the birth took place.

    Indiana Death Records

    If you need certified copies of a death that occurred in Indiana for legal or personal reasons, you can obtain these in two ways; Apply for certified copies of the death certificate through by mail-in or by credit card only through the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH), or you can obtain it through the Local Health department in the county where the death took place where you can often get it on a walk in basis.

    All requests pertaining to Indiana death records require Identification, and proof of the relationship to the person whose record is being requested, and you are also required to pay a small fee. However it must be noted that the Indiana death records held at the ISDH begin from 1900. If you wish to consult death records that occurred before 1900, you will need to consult the Local health department in the county where the death occurred.