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North Carolina Public Records

North Carolina Public Records

What Can You Use North Carolina Public Records For?

Every state is required to come up with its own way of deciding what is legally considered part of the state's public records. North Caroline use the North Carolina Public Records Act. The act states that any information collected by the government that may be of use to the public must be made public, with the exemption of any information that is considered a breach of safety or privacy.

Social security numbers and medical histories, for example, are excluded. But addresses and land ownership rights are not, because they are considered of use to the public. One of the best aspects of North Carolina Public Records are the usage rights - the legal rights you have to use the information collected at your leisure.

What Can These Records Be Used For?

According to North Carolina Public Records law, you can use these records for anything you want. There are zero restrictions on how you use the information. In other words, if the information is made public by the government, the government has no legal right to challenge your ability to request the information, because the information is allowed to be released in public.

These freedom makes accessing North Carolina public records even easier, because the process to retrieve this information is more streamlined without the government's ability to question its use.

North Carolina Birth Records

The State office of North Carolina has records of births since October 1913. Anyone born after October 1913 can write an application to the Office of Vital Records for the copies of their birth certificates. You can also write to the County Recorder to check in the ‘Register of Deeds’ in the country where you were born, that way you can get the copies more quickly.The application for the release of North Carolina Birth Records has to be mailed to the Office of Vital Records at 1903 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699-1903. A personal check or money order; made payable to the Office of Vital Records should also accompany the application. For information of the latest fees regarding the release of your North Carolina Birth Certificate you can call Office of Vital Records. The information is also available online at The state of North Carolina does not release birth certificates for unqualified applicants; to be a qualified applicant you have to be a direct family member by blood or by marriage, a registrant, his/ her legal guardian or legal representative. The state laws also require a copy of your government certified photo which might be of a driver’s license card or even your State ID card.

North Carolina Death Records

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services is responsible for the States Vital Records and Certificates. When requesting a North Carolina death record you will need specific information about the deceased, such as, the name as it was stated on the certificate, the date of death, the location, city, and or county.

You will also, if you are requesting a certified copy, need to be directly related to the deceased, or a legal representation of one of the family members, and you will need to state this relationship on the application for the death certificate. North Carolinas death records go back as far as 1930, for older records you will have to contact the North Carolina State Archives.

For non-certified copies, which will come on standard printer paper as well as being stamped uncertified so that they will not be able to be used under any circumstances for a legal reason.

The State views death records as public information and therefore will provide an uncertified copy to anyone who is willing to fill out the online request form and pay the applicable fee. You will have to fill out a form for either a certified or uncertified copy of the death certificate and it’s important to provide as much information as you have so that they may more easily find the records you need.