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Virginia Public Records

Virginia Public Records

5 Things You Can Find in Virginia Public Records

Virginia public records contain a wealth of information on the government, businesses, and individuals living in Virginia. There is almost no limit to the amount of information they collect, and if you are willing to take the time to search for this information, you will find a considerable amount of data on the things you are interested in. Here is just a short list of some of the many things available in Virginia public records.

1. Alcoholic Beverage Licenses - You are allowed access to the companies that have been licensed to serve or sell alcohol legally in the state of Virginia.

2. Census Information - Market researchers often use census information to make judgments on what type of marketing to use in the area.

3. Employee Directory - Those that work for the government in Virginia are obligated to be made available in the Virginia directory.

4. Inmate Records - You can find out if someone has a criminal record at your leisure, or if someone is currently incarcerated.

5. Restaurant Inspections - The government is required to list the results of restaurant inspects, so that you can see if the restaurants you are frequenting are safe for the public.

Virginia public records encompass thousands of different documents and a considerable amount of data. If you know where to look, there is no limit the amount of information available.

Virginia Birth Records

The division of Vital Records and Health Statistics was set up to register and keep all records of births, deaths, marriages and divorces in the state of Virginia. They have made this service available for the citizens of Virginia, and for other people that may be interested in obtaining information from the state records such as genealogy researchers. Birth records are released under special conditions, but then they become public information one hundred years after the event. To obtain Virginia Birth records, you have to show proof that you are requesting for yourself, or are an immediate family member such as a mother, father, brother or sister. People that have legal custody papers are able to demand on behalf of their protégées. Therefore you have to provide a copy of your identification papers.You can obtain the records by mail, which takes about 2 to 4 weeks to arrive from the day your request arrives at office. You can also obtain the records on the same day if you go to their office. You can also obtain the records by express delivery if you use the vitalcheck service. All processing fee are subject to a fee, and when you mail in or walk in for delivery, you can pay by check or cash. When you use the vitalcheck service, you can pay using credit cards.

Virginia Death Records

The State of Virginia keeps track of their vital records through the health department, under the Division of Vital Records and Health Statistics. They keep track of over seven million different vital records, from marriage to death records. Virginia death records do not become public record until fifty years after the person passed away. In the state of Virginia you may only request these vital records if you are of the immediate family of the deceased. This does not include in-laws, or cousins, aunts and uncles are also unable to make these requests. You are required to have a state issued or government approved identification.

The State Department of vital records keeps records of death from 1853 until 1896, and then from 1912 until the present. There are multiple ways you can request vital statistics and Virginia death records, by mail, which will be the slowest option available ranging between two and six weeks to have the records delivered. You may go in to request death records, and this will be the fastest option for you to obtain a death record, as it will allow you to walk out as long as you have your ID, and required information as well as meeting the qualifications.

You will also need to know the information that would be on the certificate such as the full name, the date they passed away, and where. You must also list your relationship, and the reason you are requesting the certification. Be it for insurance, government benefits or other legal reasons. Because the State of Virginia is overloaded with a vast amount of requests, they do not support requests to search their database simply for genealogy research. So you must be requesting the certification for reasons other than to discover information about your family.