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Tennessee Public Records

Tennessee Public Records

Who Determines What Goes Into Tennessee Public Records?

Every state decides on its how it wants to handle public records. Most states have specific individuals or offices in charge of compiling and distributing public records, so that the decisions can be run through very specific channels in order to reduce any miscommunication.

Tennessee public records are monitored by the state's Record Management Division. The record management division controls several aspects of Tennessee public records, including:

  • Where to keep inactive records
  • How to access and distribute records.
  • Training new government employees on record keeping.
  • Review requests for Tennessee Public Records.
  • Make copies and changes to available records.
  • It's useful for accessing public records to have the single, governing body in charge of said records. This allows you to go to a specific source if you have questions or requests for records that need to be answered. Otherwise you would be forced to search all over the state, as well as the varying counties, to try to figure out who has the records you need and how to request them.

    You will also be able to find Tennessee public records online, on websites that specialize in collecting the data from these records and compiling them for easy access. Both ways are designed to make finding and accessing these state records much easier.

    Tennessee Birth Records

    In the state of Tennessee, birth records are part of the Tennessee vital statistics office. The vital records office is responsible for birth certificates, marriage certificates, and death certificates. To obtain a certified copy of a birth certificate or other such Tennessee records, you must be either be the person named on the certificate, or an appropriate family member. In the case of Tennessee birth records, the mother or father may request a certified copy. However, if you are just looking to validate information you have, or to gather statistics, you have do have access to Tennessee Birth Records, as they are a matter of public information. So, whether you are looking to replace a lost birth certificate or to verify that your great grandmother’s place of birth was just outside of Clarksville, Tennessee Birth Records are readily accessible.

    Tennessee Death Records

    Tennessee and their Department of Health are home to the vital records department.

    The Tennessee death records are available at the Office of Vital Records, which is in charge of issuing and preserving the records of birth death, marriage and divorce. They offer services in both a local office in Nashville, by standard mail, and also by internet. Requests for vital records may also be processed at county departments of health. The Tennessee Vital Records office only houses the records from 1911 and forward, anything dating more than 100 years ago is turned over to become information at the Tennessee Archives and Library. They are responsible for making them available to families and the public for research after that.

    The State of Tennessee defines death records as somewhat private, in that a certified copy may only be requested by family or the person named on the vital records. The official copy will contain a raised or embossed seal to prove its authenticity. If you need to act as an authorized agent of an eligible person requesting a death certificate you will need to acquire both a signed statement from the individual who qualifies, as well as a photocopy of their identification card with their signature upon it. For an additional fee your request for a certificate can be rushed, allowing you get it faster. The average times can vary depending upon the method you use to obtain your certificate, in person they can be as quickly as one day, to up to six weeks by mail.

    If you are seeking records for genealogy purposes or other forms of research, you will not be able to obtain a certified copy of any of Tennessee vital records; however you may still request information by completing the death certificate form and sending it along with the required payment, so they are a form of public information.